RCH Rules for Patients in 1863

There were publicly posted rules for patients, nurses, and visitors in the original RCH. Here are the rules for patients.



1. Patients shall implicitly obey their Physician & Nurses.
2. Patients shall keep themselves clean and orderly.
3. Patients shall do all in their power to assist each other, and treat their fellow patients kindly.
4. No oaths, improper language, or abuse to any one, shall be used by a patient, under pain of instant dismissal.
5. Patients shall not smoke in Hospital.
6. Patients shall not give money, presents, or gratuities of any kind to the Nurses or attendants
on any pretence.
7. Patients are requested to report immediately to their Physician any inattention, or unkindness,
or want of regularity in the administration of their food or medicine, on the part of the Nurses or attendants, and unhesitatingly to lay before him any complaint they have to make.
8. Patients are recommended to hand over to their Physician for transmission to the care of the Board, who will be accountable for their safe keeping, money or valuables. If they do not do so, no cognizance will be taken of their loss.
9. Patients shall comport themselves decorously, quietly, and in an orderly manner.
10. Patients infringing any of the above Rules shall be liable to be dismissed.

By order of the Board of Managers,

Arthur T. Bushby,
Hon’y Sec’y.

New Westminster, Jan’y 1st, 1863.

How do you think this would work today?

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