RCH Rules for Visitors in 1863

There were publicly posted rules for patients, nurses and visitors in the original Royal Columbian Hospital. Here are the rules for visitors.

Royal Columbian Hospital

Rules for Visitors

1. Friends are admitted to see Patients between the hours of 2 and 4 P.M. daily; Mondays excepted.
2. Any person wishing for admission to visit Patients at other hours must apply to the Board through the Physician for permission.
3. Strangers are not allowed to remain in the Wards during the time that the Physician visits the Hospital.
4. Strangers are not allowed to convey, or have conveyed, to Patients anything edible or potable without the Surgeon’s permission.
5. Any person found infringing the last Rule a second time will not be allowed to visit Patients again.
6. No Visitor shall enter a Ward unless admitted by the Nurse.
7. Visitors admitted to visit a friend shall confine themselves to the object of their visit, and shall make as little disturbance as possible to the other Patients.
8. Smoking is not allowed inside the Hospital.
9. The Physician has power to prevent, for sanitary purposes, visitation to any Patient.
10. Clergymen of every denomination, and persons regularly visiting the Hospital for benevolent purposes are excepted from Rules 1 & 2; but such persons must visit the Hospital between the hours of 10 & 12 A.M., Mondays excepted, and must have a written order from the Board to do so.

By order of the Board of Managers,

Hon’y Sec’y
New Westminster, Jan’y 1st, 1863

Next up will be the Rules for Nurses – watch for it!

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